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Hey all you beautiful people! I'm Trina. I am a girl with big appetite for this amazing journey called life. I love new adventures, positive people, sports, Spain, sun, ocean, crystals, Los Angeles, healthy food, everything classic and girly, organic cosmetics and life in general. Everything is so beautiful!

I was in very poor health three years ago and have now almost healed every disease that I had. I was suffering OCD, eating disorder, severe anxiety, major depression disorder, heart problems, long qt-time, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, pancreatic problems, diabetes, chronic urinary track and yest infection, many different stomach illnesses, eye problems, ulceratio plicae vocalis, glaucoma; just to mention a couple of them. The biggest change happened with my thinking. I changed my thoughts and that changed my diet, exercise-routine and the way I speak to myself.

I would love to give you some tips on how to feel better in your body and about yourself and to live a healthier life. The way I changed my thinking really changed my whole life and I hope that I can give you some tips to feel better too. We all deserve to live our dream life. All of us. 

I spend most of my time in my favourites cities; Los Angeles, Malaga and Helsinki. I love to travel and see new places and people. I'm also very excited to meet new people through this site!

I made this blog to spread good energy, affirmations, healthy life choices, tips on how to heal yourself and feel better, information about crystals, dressing styles, womanhood, natural beauty products and lots of more great stuff that make my days better and hopefully yours too. I wish you enjoy your visits here!

More smiles to us all and glow the love!